Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tophill Snow

Only place in this part of the world undersnow is Tophill. Went up there to do my dissertation bit and the Borrowpits were under ice with no Teal (or other wildfowl) present. Had a blast round the reserve. D was mostly glazed and thus a single Pintail, female Ruddy Duck (formerly the largest pop in the country until they got DEFRA'd last week) & the juv male Smew doing circuits. The feeders held the same 2 Brambling and i managed to see one away from here on the meadow but i assume it was one of these birds. 6 or 7 Siskin flanked the road in the Alders and O' Reservoir had 3 Pintail. Not a great haul despite grilling all the ducks. Definitely no yanks hiding here! Also good to see Michael Flowers and his group.

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