Saturday, 28 February 2009


Not sure what this is. Can any one Help?

Was able to help with the moth trap this morning. Now - I know nothing about moths so Ids are either wrong because I got confused or because I wasnt listening. The pics are tagged but if you know any different please let me know.


James said...

I think what I have as a pale Spring Usher is a pale dotted border

Michael Flowers said...

Have you had a look at the Yorkshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation website? There's a page on there - On the Wing - which has illustrations of which moffs are around at the mo - probably also worth checking the March page. If you can't see yours - & a couple look like possibles - you could always email your pic to Jax Westmoreland the webmistress(!) & she may be able to help.

Moffing is supposed to be quite addictive, so any withdrawal symptoms yet, or will you have to try it out a few times before becoming a fully-fledged addict?

Good luck!

Jax Westmoreland said...

Hi James,
Your unknown is a Clouded Drab.
Your Spring Usher is indeed a Dotted Border.
Webmistress (! what's all the exclamation about??) Yorkshire BC

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