Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sleepy tired

No birding sadly but have got right into my new copy of Frontiers in Birding by Martin Garner (& friends). Its a proper bird book with good stories, great politiking & some magic ID articles. Tonights night shift will be dedicated not to the care of my patients (note to lawyers - this isn't true, I will as always be the diligent super nurse of the night) but to finishing this superb addition to birding & ornithological literature. Buy it, it will inspire you.
Another book I have been reading ***PREGNANCY STORY ALERT**** has been Jon Smith's Blokes Guide To Pregnancy, which for a first timer like myself has been massively reassuring and illustrated all the strange feelings and beliefs I have had are held by most blokes everywhere. For all you veterans out there im sure there is a smug smile but due to the lack of bloke aimed pregnancy books (for good reason no doubt) I wanted to be sure my experience was 'normal'. All very reassurring and i can recommend it heartily.

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