Saturday, 14 February 2009

Gull-den Delicious

And that isn't the best of it. Today was one of the rare occasions I actually got round to going out birding as opposed to twitching a specific bird or being at Tophill Low! Headed up to Barmston for the morning (11ish) and ambling about found 100 or so RT Diver offshore. I went and pootled round the marsh producing a single Snipe, Skylark and a couple of Reed Bunts. Waderwise a few Sanderling were nice. Looking at the gulls in the distance, on seemed very white - it was the 2nd winter Glaucous Gull that had been knocking about for a couple of weeks. Sweet. Before i could get down there a bird shot across the marsh - bins up expecting a Curlew and a Short-eared Owl revealed itslef. A self found year tick no less. I then got myself within 30 yards of the Glonk and took a few photos on my phone (one of which i sent to Marcus to highlight my camera skills) but unfortunately without the power of Bluetooth on my computer i cant upload them. In bragging to my tutor I found out that he had just found a 1st winter (note not juvenile as birdguides put out) Iceland Gull in Scarborough Harbour (probably the bird from before christmas). I pushed off in that direction via Flamborough where i dipped the Hooded Crows at Danes Dyke for the 2nd time this year (after seeing one in Dec). Scarborough was busy and I saw one couple get engaged on the breakwater. Was actually really romantic. Offshore a couple of shag and not a lot else. No sign of the Iceland in the harbour so I went to get chips for my next assignment. Wandering back tot he car and I spotted a very long winged gull entering the harbour after a lobster boat. Result. The Iceland than sat on top of the harbour warehouse roof until I left. Very different bird to the Glonk from earlier. The last part of my mission involved heading up to Holbeck for my 3rd scarce white winger of the day. A single med gull duly performed briefly amongst the hundreds of BHGs. Very nice. And how you wonder did I manage this on valentines day? Well we postponed that until tomorrow due to Ange's illness when we are going walking (and looking for Hawfinch) at Millington pastures. Mint.

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