Friday 20 February 2009

RB Gulls

There have been a couple of cryptic reports of gulls that may or may not have been Ring-billed in East Yorks in the last week and im intrigued - as a relatively inexperienced birder in terms of years (est.2004) I cant really remember and Ring-billed records out this way. How regular are they?? Quite a few knocking about the country this winter - all the regulars plus a few new site regular birds. RBG is still a species which escapes me and I believe is nearing my most needed according to Bubo (save a handful of other bits of dross). Hmm.

Anyway major DIY works are starting at home (off my own back thank you - no sniggering). In order to manage to get a decent spring in am looking to move our office upstairs into the games room - reconvert that into a games room/study, change the old office into a study and then skip all the crap. Following this I have to seal the floor in the garage (super dusty!) and turn that into my workshop for the special project I have in mind for the summer months. I may update again on this topic but if i do that I will have to change the name of the blog to foetal idiocy or idiocybreeding.

Anywhoo - im sure you have ascertained that I had not a lot to post today but im trying to keep you, my readership interested and thus am rambling in the style of Gavin Haig, of Not Quite Scilly.


Gavin Haig said...

Rambling? If I knew what 'offence' meant I'm sure I'd be tempted to take it ;o)

Ahh...rambling...the stuff of quality posts everywhere! Good stuff James. :o)

James said...

Tee hee - an here i was thinking it was the literal equivalent of a long walk with knee socks and a thermos

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