Wednesday, 18 February 2009

High and Dry

A few days away and im deserted by you all! A drop of 50 places on the all important Fatbirder Top500 is killing me. I suppose I had better put some more stuff up here that is vaguely interesting to entice return visits. Sadly this post wont contain that sort of thing because if it did it would be lies and forgery, and that girls and boys, as we know is just plain wrong. What has happened is that ive become nocturnal again. Oh and my wife isnt ill any more. Thankfully. Oh and she had an emergency scan on Monday so I got to see my baby (Jeremiah Zebedee is the current favoured name) 4 weeks early. All is well fortunatly and the miracle of creation wowed me before I started thinking about Meiosis and Mitosis. Which is a good thing as i struggle with those at the best of times. Also I developed a siamese twin on my temple overnight(if your squimish join us in about 2 lines time). Took a hyperdermic to it last night and it looked like the texas chainsaw massacre as i lanced the bastard to death. Its now merely a shadow of its formerly body snatching glory thankfully. On the birds front, I now have regular House Sparrows on my feeders. Oh and apparently you have to suppress wintering urban Peregrines for fear of ... well im not really sure but i will be certain to not mention them. Check out Michael Flowers's blog (EY Birding) to find out why. Oh and I will put pictures on the blog as soon as I have the camera back from my wifes school. Cant promise quality but at least it will break up the monotony. Peace.


Michael Flowers said...

Welcome back! You can't call us fickle if you don't post for FOUR full days, so we are forced to look elsewhere for sparkling wit & dashing humour! I even had to try & resort to a 'funny' post myself & came a right cropper! Can I get a humour transplant at your hospital?

James said...

Thanks for the ringing endorsement. From what im told, my humour is 'unique' and 'special'. Your welcome to a humour transplant but id choose somewhere a little less parochial than York - you might en up with 'regional humour' and that might not travel far on an international forum (such as down the A1).

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