Saturday 28 November 2009

Sealed with a Miss

Took the family to see the seals at Donna Nook last Sunday and my wife was like a different creature - oohhhing and aahhhing all over the shot and taking so many photos its not true (they will feature in a follow up). Big numbers of Brent Geese were knocking about with a few distant waders. I didnt get a handle on any of the pale-bellied birds but no worries. After an hour of staring at the seals we jumped in the car to avoid getting soaked. It was then the apocalypse occurred. The rain was mental.

The second destination was Saltfleetby where a small party of Shorelark were associating with Twite and Snobs. After heading to the wrong brickyard lane in the vicinity I eventually found the place I wanted. En route a Weasel crossed the road in front of us.

It was still monsoon like when we pulled up so Angela and Isabelle stayed in the car whilst I got wet. As I walked to the end of Brickyard lane another Weasel crossed my path. Magic. The beach was grey but filled with passerines. A handful of super sum plum male Snow Buntings were dotted amongst the hundred or so present. Among these were the inobtrusive but more numerous Twite - about 150. I searched through this flock for 30 minutes or so and scanned across the saltmarsh but no sign of the Shorelarks. I decided not to leave my girls in the car too long and headed back only to be given a nice bonus - 6 Whoopers migrating south. Very nice.

A post-script to this is the shorelarks were seen laterly and not by me. Grrr.

Thursday 12 November 2009


Paid a flying visit to bank island, Wheldrake as my wife visited a friend in the village. Was very successful with 2 Whoopers the highlight. Also 10 or so male Pintail, a couple of Jays, Sprawk, 2 Kestrels and various other bits and pieces made for an entertaining time.

Monday 9 November 2009

Red Rooster

On my way home today I paid my first visit to the wolds Red Kite roost. Upon arrival 2 birds were up with two trios in distant trees. At least12 were seen descending into the roost but im pretty sure i missed some of the early entrants as they were already headed in when i arrived. Along with the kites I had a very vocal Kestrel harrassing an incredibly white Barn Owl in the gloom. Will definitely be back.

Sunday 8 November 2009


BF meet in Filey today was billed as the big November extravaganza but sadly it failed to live up to expectations. An early Peregrine en route was nice and 6 Snobs (a single and a 5) were expected fayre even if they were cute. A very confiding Kingfisher at Filey dams was great but to be honest everything else was standard, scoter, r-t diver and gannet. Bit of a shame really but I had a great time was had with good company and ebirder was packed on his merry way to Inverness. Michael Flowers has done a far superior write-up on his blog - check it out.

p.s. just booked a week in the highlands for 2nd weekof jan. Mint.

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