Monday, 2 February 2009

Pregnancy Blog?

Sorry if this turns into a blog about the spawn of satan that my wife carries with her (i fully intend to keep a *mostly* birdy theme). Just a note to say that due date at the moment 26th September. Sadly the child will have one black mark against its name, aside from its lineage including me - its going to be born in Hull. Wife wasn't thrilled at the prospect but the choice was between there and Scarborough.

East Yorkshire was pretty today in the snow although we seem to be getting less than most and rain is currently coming down and is forecast for the next couple of days. The garden was chokka with birds - mostly just better numbers of the normal stuff with up to 8 Blackbirds at one time. Did get a garden tick but not the Brambling or Siskin i had hoped for but a swift flyover Sparrowhawk - cant wait to see that sat on the fence/feeder.

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