Sunday 22 February 2009

The Rakes

Today was spent at Tophill as part of the volunteer gang. Was great weather and good company. We had to clear the banks of ditches of cut grass to enable the various Orchids to emerge over the spring and summer. We did this by raking piles and then loading the hay onto the tractor trailer. After this we broke up hay bales so that grass snakes could get into them. Believe it or not this filled the entire day. Interesting bits and pieces (all relative) were the return of the breeding Oystercatchers to South Marsh east. Also a Common Frog in the ditch was a rare site record where Pool/Marsh Frog hybrids predominate. A hybernating toad was dealt with sypathetically and placed back in the compost. At lunch the wings of a Tawny Owl were noted behind the shed. Couldnt be a mammal predator as one was in the tree so it was presumed that the Goshawk that was seen on the reserve last week was the culprit. On my way home a Barn Owl showed to 6 feet from the car in good light and a Sparrowhawk cruised over the fields. Tomorrow I have to do some dissertation fieldwork.


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