Sunday, 18 January 2009

Whoop Bizzle

Sup dog, I iz rollin a phat one 4 ya! 7 Whoop Swans an 11 Bizzles makes for an 'appy bunny. Or in English, a short twitch to North Frodingham (a mere 6 miles away) produced the tidy haul of 7 Whooper Swans and the local rarity in the form of 11 Bewicks Swans including a couple of juveniles. All this and i got back for kick off. Shame Bent cant score from 6 yards and looks like a he is having a tonic clonic seizure when trying to head the ball. But Jermain scored so we clawed a mangy point. Also did Naffertons atlas square today. 'Highlights' included 98 Fieldfare, a Little Grebe on the Mere and a few Gadwall and Tufties. Rubbish. This is how I Roll.

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