Monday, 26 January 2009

Cat Food

If i see that 'orrible fat moggy once more in my garden im going to procure myself...actually better stop there before i land myself in hot water should anything untoward happen to said feline. The bastard thing made off with my favourite Dunnock. Obviously what your asking now is how can you have a favourite Dunnock - well after 3 days straight staring out of the bay window pretending to revise the Dunncok which has learnt how to feed on my seed feeder was obviously a brainy one and id taken to it but alas this new phenotype will not be passing on its skills as it is now an ex-dunnock, deceased, dead etc etc. Having said that im getting quite close to the garden birds (argh...Robin stroking alert.....must twitch something, anything, even a Green-winged Teal). Barn Owl keeps making sporadic passes and my male Bullfinch is back, sat in the open. Also got Chaffinch, Blackbird and Robin eating from the seed-feeder rather than on the deck. I must have the most daring bunch of ground-feeders in Christendom. Anyway sorry for boring you but i didnt think an update including the finer points of Selective Tidal Stream Transport in Plaice in the WaddenSee was going to float anybodies boat.

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How birds and brains become mutually exclusive

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