Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Voulez vous couche avec moi c'est soir?

First off can i just raise a glass to the person from Wolverhampton who found this little blog with the search phrase 'are there any red light districts in benidorm'. You sir a re a man of discerning tastes and I wish you all the best in your endeavours. This perhaps is not the blog to further your enquiries sadly. Back on message - I went to Brough Haven and Welton Waters today. Very muddy for any that intend to go. A few Curlews on the airfield plus a smattering of Shelduck on the mud but little else in terms of waders. An unexpected self find was a small family party of Bearded Tits in the reedbed at Brough Haven which was a very nice skor! Must be a tricky bird for the Hull Valley recording area I imagine - I'll have to start another list! On Welton Waters the male Smew was busy trying to get his end away with the Goldeneye who were having none of it and a very distant male Scaup was the first drake of that particular species i had seen. The juvenile and female were more expected Fare. There was no sign of the Red-crested Pochard although there were plenty of its Common cousins. One bird you couldnt avoid was the beast of an adult Great Northern Diver. They are ace. Self found year list breaks 100 and non-existant year list is 116. Oh and 13 more lifers for 300 Bou which is exciting, Im predicting my Birthday - April 19th for that.

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