Saturday, 10 January 2009

Sneaky Self Founds

After a night of being beaten at PES and Fifa by my mate Bob who is rubbish at em both, a day at Tophill proved a welcome antidote. Together with the warden I processed some of the Webs and BTO bird challenge data (including a certain Amur Falcon record, hehe). On the feeders a year tick in the form Great Spot was nice. Also later on underneath a Water Rail looked deceidedly chilly. A female Sparrowhawk sent everything scattering and sat up for study.
went for a wander early afternoon but it was so chilly we soon returned to the visitor centre. Only birds of note were a significant number of Ruddies, a trickier year tick now there are only 400 left according to Defra.
Late doors a rehead Smew was seen on O reservoir and i duly found it with a largish group of Goldeneye. As i headed home a large raptor slunk over the car. I thought to myself that buzzard sure flies like a giant Sparrowhawk and looks very pale underneath and has a very long tail..oh, its a Goshawk. Was tres cool and extremely unexpected. A couple of Barn Owls were perched on the hedgerows as i headed home. Some very nice goodies today.

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