Sunday, 11 January 2009

My wife was baa-ing like a sheep

Excuse the strange title - it happened when we were walking round the clifftops at Bempton and she was very cold and instead of talking when she tried to engage in conversation a bleating noise came out. Was very funny. Perhaps one of those where you had to be there...

Anyway before i go too far can I just advetise the new link for Sheffield Wildlife by Pete Mella. An amusing read about Pete's latest birding and photography exploits.

Today I went to Bempton on my wifes request, rejoined the RSPB and scored a couple of year ticks in Fulmar (but no Blue ones for me) and Gannet. The only other birds i saw were single Blackbird, Song Thrush & flyby Dunlin plus gulls and pigeons on the cliffs. Exciting. Sorry for such a dull post but I needed to flesh out the link advert.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers, James :)

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