Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome to 2009 Idiocy style

Happy new year to all and sundry. Hope you had a good festive period and are now recharged to get back to doing what you do best. Birding. Thankfully hangover free today I sprung into action to get this self found yearlist off with not too big a whimper. First up was a Greylag Goose in the minute after midnight having flushed off the village mere. In the afternoon i went to Flamborough Head to see if i could find some goodies and I managed some quality amongst not a great deal of quantity. A Woodcock (a bird i failed to see in 2008) flushed from the setaside near Old Fall Plantation along with dozens of Rats. Not pleasant. Offshore a seal loafed and loads of dabbling ducks were at the cliff base, including Teal and a single drake Wigeon. A Red Throated Diver offshore was joined by a hulking GN Diver.

I walked ontoward south landing when two Peregrines with chocka block crops went steaming past below me on the cliffs. Awesome views, best ever of adults i think. Got to south landing and some rather warm small finches flew into the stubble causing me more Twite fluffing madness as they never reappearred and my conscience told me too many people were about for me to consider entering a stubble field anything other than illegal and unjust. :) A couple of leucistic crows were lookers with entirely white wings on black bodies. A march down to the beach at South Landing produced a couple of Rockits but no wader action save for a couple of Redshank. It was getting dark so i perambulated back to the car via the village well and truely spent.

P.s. my new years resolution is to stick a few morte pictures in the blog. Much love.

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