Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Blocks of Ice

One or two of you may have noticed it was quite cold today. After my exam i paddled down to North Cave with the intention of unblocking a bogey. The hide was full of expectant faces but after 3 hours nothing. I was so cold i couldnt feel my shins, let alone my toes. Hundreds of teal everywhere but no sign of the duck we wanted. People slowly drifted away. One fella was trying to string a sick looking Common Teal but no and he eventually cleared off. At 15.10 this little beauty emerged. Green-winged Teal.

Record shit?

Not the greatest picture but shows the distinguishing features (or how i photoshopped em on ;)). A few Snipe were a self found year tick. Boy am i glad to have banished the crazyness of Robin stroking - and i thought twitching was extreme.

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