Monday, 7 January 2013

Snow at Barmston

Not shy
 Its all about white birds today. This confiding Snow Bunting was hiding in cliff top grass before feeding on the field nearby. I also managed to see the Iceland Gull on occasion despite the gull flock being pushed up and down the beach by a survey boat. For the patch challenge I managed to add a few waders - Knot, Turnstone and Ringed Plover whilst Tree and House Sparrow also finally crawled on. A Red-throated Diver and single Great Crested Grebe were present on the sea and a couple of Snipe flushed from round the reedbed. Not huge numbers but all good fun!

First views
The Snow Bunting was trying to hide in the cliff top before feeding almost at my feet. An amazing bird - properly confiding.

I also added a few other bits to the patch year list, Linnet & Robin. Next time I am up there I will be trying for garden & woodland birds to get the diversity up although I fear lots of single pointers for the patch challenge.

Still there

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