Monday, 28 January 2013

Boosted More Owl

Geddit? An 8km walk today was full of promise as birds scudded over the carrs. Skylarks, pigeons, Starlings, geese, crows by the hundred. Winter thrushes were pouring over and a couple of Buzzards  were no surprise heading towards Wansford. A couple of Siskin were amongst the Goldfinches in the shooting crop.

Down on Wansford Carrs 160 Greylags contained the single patch tick of the day. A very handsome and hungry Pink-footed Goose. This was a predicted species but I expected a skein overhead not a single bird amongst the ferals but I am quite happy with this. Alas the Lapwings were closer to Skerne than Wansford and thus they werent seen well but they did harbour a handful of Redshank. The rest of the carrs had an assortment of Common & Black-headed Gulls. 

I wandered along the main road towards North Frodingham to try and connect with a Little Grebe on the canal. Failed again. A Barn Owl  was hunting over the field opposite and it came in pretty close in cack light.

Watching the owl hunt I noticed a couple of Grey Herons also stalking small furry prey. A Kestrel tried to klepto the owl as well. Then I noticed a couple of lumps on posts. Short-eared Owls both and they slowly moved closer in the gloom. Sadly not good enough for photography really but great to watch. A Buzzard was also sat on a post further up. Not much hope for the small rodents in this field!

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