Monday, 14 January 2013

Kumlien's Gull?

Martin Garner of Birding Frontiers has suggested that the Barmston Iceland Gull may be a Kumlien's Gull. My pictures aren't really good enough but some dark pigmentation in the outer webs is visible in the open wing shot and 4 darker tips are visible in the closed wing. Allied with the moult timings this is suggestive of kumlieni although whether it is clinchable who knows.

A brief foot it walk today failed to turn much up aside from a heavy overhead passage of Common Gulls despite snowy conditions but a group of 4 Yellowhammers visited the garden today and a male Reed Bunting was present briefly yesterday. These are expected fare with snow on the ground and hopefully I am able to add more species to both my Foot It and Patch Challenge lists.

Garden Yammers
 In addition to these patch challenges I am also taking part in a local pan-species challenge which you can find on Robert Jaques blog I've Never Killed A Pipit. Link is also now on the sidebar. I have re-added Pink Cuckoos to the links as Jess has started posting again (hurray!). Also Blogs added for Keith Dickinson, Ken Graham and local nature blog The Wold Ranger.

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