Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Melting away

The great glacial period appears to be receding as the countryside around here returns to its usual brown and green hues. I still had hope for some weather driven birds and I trudged round the local area, focusing on Wansford Carrs after yesterdays grippers. No Shelduck, no Little Grebe and possible Pintail in with a small group of Wigeon flying away from the area as fast as it could. Any thoughts on my blurry photos?

Wigeon with ?male Pintail, upper left bird.

Down by the river whilst looking for grebes I noticed that the lone alder tree was alive with finches and amongst the Goldfinches were at least 10 Siskins. A foot it tick in a Goldcrest tagging along with some Long-tailed Tits. And I thought that turning into sub-arctic tundra had killed all the local ones. To add insult to injury another tit flock had 1-2 more of the spritely regulus.

Awful into the sun shot heavily photoshopped

Onto the carrs and over 100 Lapwing were about plus 10 Redshank but nothing new to the list. I spent ages trying to eke something else out but failed miserably so I headed up Nafferton Beck. All I really managed here was a Grey Heron and finally a Barn Owl. Halle-bloody-lujah! So onto 73 For Foot it (maybe 74 if anybody fancies backing up my Pintail flight of fancy).

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