Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Now where did I put the Atlas?

Finally caught up with the 'Atlas' Flycatcher on Monday. A corking little thing with a decent slab of white on the front. I cant really add anything to the debate about its parentage but I am glad I went to see it. Im now waiting on the decisions for two different Ficedulas for my Yorks (and World!) lists with the Collared from 2010 seemingly ratified in DNA but awaiting acceptance. I only got briefish views as once it had done one circuit I had to return to wake my sleeping daughter from the car to go rock-pooling, or walking to the beach, screaming, buying a bucket, crying more and walking back to the car as it is also known.
male Andrena sp.

On the home front - the Cuckoo is back and I also found at least two pairs of Whitethroat nesting around the reedbed/sewage works across the railway from us. We have breeding Blackbirds either side of the back garden with chicks pre-fledging judging by the amount of food being ferried in. Linnets are conspicously paired up and a Mistle Thrush pair appears to be nesting at the end of our road. As I got no decent photos of any of the above I treat you to a male solitary bee and a fly. I am tour guiding on Mull for the next couple of weeks but hopefully we have Wifi and thus it should be pretty cool.

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James said...

Not an Andrena species at all. Or a male. female Osmia rufa...

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