Friday, 11 May 2012

A fortnight on Mull

Tomorrow I am going to Mull for a couple of wildlife photography holidays. Sadly not as a punter but as a guide/cook. I am totally psyched and to top it off I am going with my brother from another mother (to steal a necro phrase) Marcus 'eBirder' Conway. We are going to see some cool shit and be in a cool place with hopefully the finding of some cool shit as well. I havent actually seen Marcus for some time so it will be good to catch up. Hopefully the wifi in the cottage will be working and thus I can update regularly but I fully anticipate gripping you all off something wicked. Here are a few moments from our awesome trip to the Highlands four years ago which featured in the eary days of the blog plus a few shared moments with cool birds.

Taken with my point and click!

From the top of Carn ban Mor. My one and only Dot

Alder Flycatcher - Nanjizal
Darts in Devon on the way back from the Alder Fly
The old idiocybirding header with Marcus's Gear proving that it is my lens that is the issue...
Fairburn Ings Whiskered Tern
Barred Warbler at Flamborough that Mr Conway found
Flyby Manxie from the same day as the wobbler
So despite Marcus living in Inverness for the last few years he was there in the creation of the Idiot Birder (well if you can have Punkbirders and Drunkbirders Im having Idiot Birder. It has been 4 years of this shite).
So...Corncrake, White-tailed Eagle, Golden Eagle etc etc here I come!

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