Monday, 14 May 2012

Mulling it over

Not the best photo but this little rascal was chasing Twite in the gloom this morning. I cant think the last time that I had a decent view of a male Merlin - it always seems to be females in winter. A couple of Twite were feeding amongst a big flock of Linnet in a sheep field. Also in the vicinity were a lot of Wheatears. Sadly none would let me take their photo.

Aside from these guys it was pretty quiet with a few hormonally imbalanced Common Sandpipers displaying beside Loch Na Keal and the odd Buzzard but the showers this morning have driven me back to the warm/dry palace. This morning when I got up it was a stark contrast with bright weather and high cloud inviting a couple of Tree Pipits to sing from the moor above my chalet. Yesterday was not a day for being outside with 45mph westerlies and buckets of rain. Not nice but thankfully the forecast is for much better.

The journey up here on Saturday was relatively uneventful - the raptor game revealed 2 Kestrels, 2 Sparrowhawks and three Buzzards. Very poor although a brief stop in Clyde failed to reveal and rare ducks with blue wings. A few sizeable Red Deer  were passed but the only other sighting/s of note were on the ferry crossing from Oban with 2 Twite on the slip amongst the House Sparrows  and a sprinkling of very smart Great Northern Divers in full dinner jacket and suit attire. Some distant auks included 3 Puffins but that was it.

Now I must do my chores and cook breakfast for the guests before a couple of hours free time and then baking this afternoon. I enjoy work.

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