Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Serious post - £375,000 of our money has been put aside to research ways of disuading Buzzards from taking Pheasants. A native bird with a population of 41,000 pairs vs a non-native of 4 million birds put out every year. The trial includes translocation, capture and nest destruction. I find it disgusting and urge you to contact your MP. Here is a description of the meeting that precipitated this ILLEGAL study.

'Meeting with Richard Benyon MP,
Minister for Environment, Food and
Rural Affairs

... 9 November 2011

It was encouraging when the Minister opened the
meeting saying, “This is a subject close to my heart.”
Three Trustees of SongBird Survival made a short present -
ation to Mr Benyon and his team from Defra outlining the
aims and activities of the Charity and describing our
research projects. One of the suggestions made to the
Minister was that a small fraction of the £500 million
cost of agri-environmental schemes should be spent on
research and that the inclusion of predator control should
also be considered to enhance effectiveness.
The Minster and his colleagues were presented with
copies of the review of predation research published by
the University of Reading in 2010. In the opinion of the
Trustees this study casts grave doubts on the quality of
much of the research on which Defra policy is based.'
Please write to your MP to register your protest. I will be.

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