Friday, 13 January 2012

Scarborough Wax

Went to Scarborough today to take Izzy to the seaside. Sadly spent most of the time in Sainsbury's after she had an accident but we did have a nice time walking around marine drive and the harbour once she was suitably rebooted. On the way in I had some brief and distant views of 10 Waxwings at B & Q. I gave up after they disappeared into a housing estate.

Whilst mooching round the harbour a single Shag was knocking about and the usual Herring Gulls. Cruising around marine drive was a male Peregrine Falcon which briefly alighted above us. Sadly this was at the same time as Izzy was desecrating her clothes. Post sorting her out we went to Holbeck car park and managed brief views of an adult and 1w Mediterranean Gull. It was a bit rubbish compared to usual as they disappeared as fast as they arrived.

We left as it became evident that Izzy was getting bored but had to stop when the Waxwings were showing well at B & Q. Here I bumped into Andy Hood as the Waxwings came down next to the cars to feed. Shame it was dull but better than nothing!

 Off to Norfolk on Sunday for the Ross's Goose, Western Sandpiper, Arctic Redpoll, Lesser White-fronted Goose combo. Fingers crossed!

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