Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nickelodeon & Birding

Its not often that the endless repeats of Peppa Pig & Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom stimulate me. I have seen every episode. Thrice but recently it has been running adverts about the Big Garden Birdwatch and has reminded me (the parent) and informed Izzy (the child) simultaneously. What a corking idea. I take my hat off to the RSPB. 3 weeks of reminders and you should drum up plenty of support from parents of small kids for the citizen science hour. Almost immediately I drove to the garden centre that is 20% cheaper than buying from Bempton and a better selection. Got home and upscaled from my peanut feeder, no mess platform and fatballs to a full 9 feeder array with peanut tray, fat block, nyjer and sunflower hearts. It was pretty busy out there before but now it is buzzing, with Goldfinches adding to the melee. Still plenty of Tree Sparrows, House Sparrows & Chaffnch plus Wren, Dunnock, Song Thrush and 3 Robins. My Coal Tit seems to have moved on this winter but the common cousins are still present. Also got a Mere first, in a party of 4 Canada Geese. Considering we have regular Gadwall and Tufted Ducks with records of Pochard & Goldeneye, the fact it has taken 4 years nearly to chalk up is a surprise.

Got a new Giottos Tripod today. Not flash but urgently needed. Going to Norfolk a ticking on Sunday. Quite excited. Try a bit of Peppa Pig.

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