Thursday, 26 January 2012

No Egrets

A quick smash and grab for the Tophill Low Cattle Egret failed but I enjoyed a ramble around the compound and up to Easingwold Farm with my daughter. We did manage a few other birds including hundreds of Redwings passing by the entrance, singing Mistle Thrush and a some Grey Partridges on the approach road.

 Abject failure was fully embraced and bumping into Mat from Sheffield unexpectedly was a nice surprise. Better (sorry Mat!) was the discovery of a mixed flock of finches adjacent to north lagoon containing a few Siskin and Lesser Redpoll. The former was a year tick whilst the latter was a site tick. A paler bird may have been a Mealy Redpoll but I am waiting for news from my field agent Flowers. Fingers crossed.

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