Thursday, 21 March 2013

Whisper it quietly.

Don't tell anybody else. Just keep it to yourself. I saw spring today, she isn't quite here but I saw her. It was definitely her. She just hasn't quite walked through the door yet. Think more at the gate.

I spent a pleasant couple of hours at Barmston this lunchtime. It was sunny but brisk and I saw a few bits and pieces. Pride of place goes to the mammals certainly. Out on the sea amongst a myriad of Great Crested Grebes & Red-throated Divers were a number of Porpoises actively feeding in the shallows. Always a great creature to see and even better when they are doing something other than swimming away. I didn't have the heart to tell the guys stood next to me that they weren't dolphins, they were enjoying them so much. If you read this - I'm sorry but Porpoises are still awesome! The other mammals of note were a pair of Roe Deer that were feeding unconcerned by me. Until a dog came piling up that is.

The video is worth watching in full HD - quite pleased with the quality the camera manages.

Aside from these guys I managed a couple of patch year ticks - a male Stonechat amongst the various Rock Pipits on the pile of hay and manure by the Barmston drain. On said drain there was also a pair of Mute Swans which didn't look like it was much to their liking to be honest.

Other stuff included a flock of 31 Lapwing headed out towards Denmark. Optimists! A scattering of waders on the floods included plenty of Redshank and Dunlin plus a solitary Curlew and Ringed Plover on a small flood which had apparently held some Twite earlier which I missed (although a single Linnet/Twite went over calling once as I walked down).

No Chiffchaffs or Wheatears yet but I am hopeful anyday... Not a lot of seabirds either although I did manage a single Guillemot north. No strange gulls today - just a single Lesser Black-backed Gull. No sign of the Kumlien's and he hasn't been as regular so I wonder if Nova Scotia is calling?

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