Tuesday, 5 March 2013

3 Little Wolves & The Big Bad Pig (Part lots)

Like you I am now quite bored of writing up the Spain trip nearly a week on. Good news! This is to be the final installment and unlike the last one it has no Wolves. Sadly our final Wolf watch didn't happen. I dived out of the final nightdrive for some kip. This was a good decision as the guys saw a Rabbit and a Fox. I got an extra 2 hours in bed so I didnt come home feeling like a zombie before being handed the kids lock, stock and barrel. The others however rolled into the hotel at about half 11/midnight. It was a little cloudy and the weather was obviously changing but nobody was prepared for the sight of this at 7am...


This put a somewhat different complexion on the day as the snow went on for hundreds of kms in varying depths but the hardest bit to navigate was the first 200m out of the village. A probable Black Vulture ticked all the boxes but seen from a moving car at 140kph isn't perhaps gonna to cross the threshold of the internal records committee despite flying alongside a plethora of Griffons.

All in all a cracking holiday with good mates in a part of Spain I haven't visited before and may well not return to. It was a beautiful place but aside from the Wolves there isn't much that makes it remarkable at this time of year so it is ticked off. I would thoroughly recommend going however and depending on your social arrangements as to where to stay. Intense nature watching with mates - I'd go for the same hotel in Villanueva de Valrojo but if it was with a companion of the fairer sex then perhaps the more luxurious San Pedro. I managed new bird, 3 new mammals and 18 new Spanish ticks give or take. The trip total was somewhere in the mid 80s for birds but I can't come to concensus and dont care enough.


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