Friday, 29 March 2013

What's on TV?

My patch, that's what. On Look North this evening - I assume it's on iPlayer somewhere already. They were looking at the wreck, specifically of lobsters as revealed exclusively on here in our last installment. Feeding on said wreck was a few thousand gulls again, despite the millions of people. Amongst the throng was the Kumlien's Gull and a very nice thank you very much adult summer plumage Mediterranean Gull. I couldnt get particularly close so here is the Med at 100x magnification.

Monet eat your heart out
I spent ages at Barmston today and it looked good for migrants but alas no new ones were to be found. I thought I had a Water Pipit on the marsh as 4 Scandinavian Rock Pipits bobbed about but I couldn't find it on the deck amongst the long grass. In flight I got the call and a cleaner looking pipit with a white outer tail feather but there were so many pipits bombing about I can't be sure they were the same bird. Little else was on the marsh, no snipe of either type so after chasing the pipits I gave up and went after the gulls. - Bad video of the Kumlien's Gull - video of a Scandi Rock Pipit

Initially I tried to avoid the crowds but eventually I succombed to the lure of the north. In the southern part of the patch there were a few Teal plus the Stonechat again and another Scandi Rock Pipit. Not the heights of excitement. The Reed Buntings were all getting a little excited with the sunny spells despite the mercury topping out at 7 centigrade.

Same bird as previously - white mark behind the eye
Young 'uns out already

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