Saturday, 2 May 2009

Our man in Oz

Heard from my kid brother this morning - he is currently working in Canberra and having a thoroughly nice time all round. He sent me this photo. Tom bless him has no interest in birds but a big gaudy Sulphur-crested Cockatoo last week and this Australian Darter were very gripping indeed.
As for me - ive been stuck in dissertation hell all week. I can tell you exclusively that vigilance rates in Teal are related to levels of disturbance (especially Human disturbance) and group size of foraging parties. If you have a Teal thats been disturbed by a plane or a person on its own foraging its gonna be very nervous!!
Cricketing today - a batting tick in displaying Curlew in the fields behind - cant believe ive never seen this before whilst batting. Having said that I didnt have much ooportunity to bat in my 3 ball innings of 0. Next week eh?

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