Friday, 15 May 2009

Birding Part

Today was a day of two birding parts. One more life affecting part happened inbetween - my wife had her 20 week scan. Everything is amazingly fine! And it has long legs which if you have met me will be somewhat of a surprise. Expect a post later on with loads of baby pictures which I will coo about. Back to the birding...

This morning as it was raining I turned in at Tophill Low hoping for some Black Tern action. Not to be but lots of hirundines over the various res's. Did get 1 brilliant surprise - 2 Turtle Doves shot out of South Scrub and over my head. Nice one. Was peeing down with rain at this point and i headed back to the car. On the wall of O res as i headed back round was a Common Sandpiper dipping away. Also had a couple of pairs of Grey Wagtails in the vicinity of O res.

Part 2 was a call in at Swine Moor (which would have been North Cave for the temminki if i hadnt forgotten my phone) on the way back from scan. 3 Whimbrels were the highlight with a very close and sexy Reed Warbler showing off at my feet.

Baby installment to come...

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