Monday, 11 May 2009

Giant Song Thrush

I have recently acquired a pair of Song Thrushes which for the past week have been visiting my garden. One bird is run of the mill bog standard lithe Song Thrush, the other is a giant freak. Its about 20% longer than the other and the same length as the blackbirds. But stranger still is its so thick in the beam its incredible - it is a fat headed, thick bodied bird. I thought I was going nuts until I saw both thrushes on the deck together - such a difference. And no its not a Mistle Thrush.

Called in at Swine Moor on way home. Highlights were a Reed Warbler singing and 1 each of LRP and Ringo. Other than that, very quiet. Heres hoping the easterlies bring the goods over the next week or so.

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