Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mash up

Had a mixed day - just got in after a half 5 start. Old Fall still held a Wood Warbler which showed nicely and intermittantly the entire visit. Also two spot flies, Lesser Whitethroat, Reed Warbler, a few Garden Warblers and Chiffies. 3 Tree Pipits touched down and flew. Most annoying was the Icterine Warbler did a couple of rounds of sub song and then shut up without being seen. Really frustrating. Heard about the sprosser down at Kilnsea so set off down there. Dipped three Icterines in that general area and heard a small amount of very lazy sub song from the Thrush Nightingale but no views. A male Pied flycatcher in the churchyard at Kilnsea was nice but brief. I also smashed the screen on my phone by dropping it but bumped into Darren Ward & 'Youth'. Gave it all up for a bad job and came back via Swinemoor where initially I could only see a couple of Greenshanks. A mixed group of 9 tiny waders dropped in half and half LRP and Ringo with tagging along a Temminck's Stint. Yay! Lifer. My phone is totalled though.

p.s. for those eager to see the baby photos my wife holds an exclusivity clause on the 2nd scan as i posted the first one which means once she has face booked them later i am 'allowed' to post them. I can see your all on tenter hooks.

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