Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Swine

Have spent far too much time at Swine Moor today for relatively little return. Watched it between 6 & 8 and later between half 10 and half 12. No sign of the Red-rumped Swallow sadly but saw plenty of birds and got soggy.

The first visit saw relively few hirundines with a dozen Swallows and a couple of Sand Martins tazzing about over the river. In the reedbed adjacent to the river 3 Sedge Warblers sang intermittantly. Out on the moor itself a trio of Wheatears were a pleasant surprise. 65 Golden Plover in breeding finery were very nice dropping in although one with partial albinism in the wings made me exceited for a few moments. A couple of Ruff bobbed about and the Wood Sandpiper was still tolling about with a few Redshank. A murmuration of alba and flava wags were pleasant enough. It was cool and overcast and not much was doing so I pushed off to uni.

After picking up Wii Fit I returned to lots of Hirundines batting about. They seemed to be pouring through - not a promising sign. At anyone time 50 Barn Swallows, 15 House Martins and 10 Sand Martins zipped round. No Red-rumped Swallow in with them no matter how hard I tried. What did appear very briefly was a fly through of 4 Swifts. Sweet. Its definitely summer now.

Of course I had a bash on Wii Fit when I got back and now ache significantly.

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