Sunday, 26 April 2009

Batting Tick

First game of cricket this season today - a 20 over friendly against Fridaythorpe. We batted first, with myself in at number 5. We managed a very respectable 141 with a 30 not out a nice start for me. They were shot out for 26 in 11 overs which sums up the quality. A very nice batting tick for me came in the shape of a Yellow Wagtail that landed at Long Off as I advanced to 5 with a lofted cover drive.


Dale Forbes said...

as the yellow flushed from your approaching ball, did you happen to notice if it had a lighter stripe under the wings (i.e. a pale base to the secondary feathers) - evidently some of the birds plopping around brittain look astonishingly citrine wag-like.

...or was your drive squarer than that?


Happy batting

James said...

Sadly as it was long on, racial ID was not on the cards although i can say it was a male.

How brains and birds become mutually exclusive