Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Carphone Warehouse - never use them

Carphone Warehouse are the biggest bag of useless shit in the entire service industry if by service you mean robbing scumbags who never deliver. Over christmas the instructed debt collectors to retrieve an unpaid debt (which they didn't bill me correctly for) and thus we spent 3 weeks behind locked doors. When I paid the debt - which wasnt a massive sum they still failed to inform the debt collectors that the debt was paid. They incentivised my stay with the company with £350 worth of credit and discounts and a free laptop but failed to respond to my complaint, when i enquired they claimed it had been dealt with satisfactorily. How that works im not sure - if by not telling the disgruntled customer is resolving it. Anyway Im expecting my upgrade to be delivered this week and they have misinformed me of the delivery 3 times, delivered it to the wrong address and keep suggesting I have it delivered to work despite the fact that I dont work in a set location. Now they tell me the phone and computer I ordered wont be delivered until next week despite the original promise of this monday. They have cost me £215 in lost wages and I am very upset. I urge you not to patronise this so called company. Carphone Warehouse are shit.

On a birding front - I went to Barmston this afternoon and saw 8 migrants. All mipits. Ad there was a howling westerly. Despite this I walked south from the car park for the first time and found some extremely good habbo that may aid the self found list later in the year (if i can get out of the baby filled house). Off out for an afternoon of it tomorrow and Spurn on saturday morning. Fingers crossed I see something. Anything...

Wife is still poorly but she has a bump now and we only have 24 weeks to go. Its mental. Got loads of baby stuff now, all very cute. Got a wedding to go to sat night and the wife is des...

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