Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Super Scaup

Paid homage to the Lesser Scaup thats been at Hornsea Mere (just down the road) for the last couple of days. The first bird I got onto was a Greater Scaup as was the second (no prior knowledge scores these as a self find) and then fast asleep behind them a cracking drake - I presume the Holme Pierrepoint bird headed north. Feel vindicated that I didnt twitch it in Notts. Some chat about the bird not being gen on the Hull Valley site but it looked the real deal to me with a peaked hindcrown with no tuft and lacking the green gloss that the Greaters had. Just a shame I didnt get a look at the underwing. Ne'ermind. OTL as they say. Going to Wales on Friday for a drinking, camping weekend with my mates so heres hoping for some redstart, paddy fly and Wood Wobblers.

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