Monday, 23 March 2009

More spring

Once again I was at Tophill Low doing my dissertation counts when I noticed one of the alba wags by the borrow pits was a bit chunky and had a yellow eye ring and was in fact a LRP. Which was nice. Little else of note but at the feeding station a male siskin and female brambling were bumming about. The light was quite nice so i took a fe photos to stick some colour on here. Also took a short (very) film of the tangerine coloured male GSW. The colours in the vid are representative of real life



mark horner said...

what is the second to last photo?

James said...

Its a very out of focus little ringed plover - if you big the picture you can make out the eye ring. I wouldnt recommned bigging the picture because then you can see that its even worse than your initial impression.

Dale Forbes said...

i see the plover!

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