Saturday, 7 March 2009

Going Dutch

Does anybody know any Dutch birders who would be willing to do a country exchange for a weekend? Me and a crack group of Yorkshire birders are hoping to head across the North Sea at some stage this year aiming to see any birds that dont breed regularly in Britain (Black & Middle Spot Woodie, Marsh, Savi's, Great Reed and Icterine Warbler, Crested Lark, Bluethroat, Wryneck, RB Shrike, RC Pochard, Spoonbill, Raptors, rarer Herons & anything else I forget). Please contact me.We would be willing to give a day tour for Red Grouse, Black Grouse, Wheatear, Ring Ouzel, SEOwl or anything else the visitors fancy.


JH said...

Do you want this publicised more widely? Unfortunately I am Dutch but living in the UK (could easily give locations for most though).
Wryneck is pretty much impossible now, but the rest should be possible in the latter half of May.
(contact me on BF – I am Xenospiza)

James said...

Hi JH - will drop you a PM on BF.

Dylan said...

With or without a guide, you can check locations for most of these species using (set language to English by clicking on the flag icon in the upper right corner).

James said...

cheers dylan

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