Friday, 20 March 2009


Having sat at the computer for over 30 hours in 3 days including 16 hours yesterday the mist started to clear and my work was done. Two mini projects, like 'fun' size dissertations that had been eating my soul for 9 months finished. I dont really care about the mark, purely the relief at not having to think about Japanese Knotweed or mussel dropping behaviour of crows makes me feel better. Sadly im just padding on this update and have relatively little birdy to add save for the fact that spring has led to 2 Collared Doves to make themselves at home in my garden and that male House Sparrows are all over my feeders like a barely noticeable rash. Still at least I havent dipped anything..whats that? Snow Goose at Far Ings this afternoon. At least its out of county. Oh and the second record of Bittern for Flamborough Head this afternoon as well. Fingers crossed the latter sticks or I might get grumpy.

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