Friday, 6 March 2009


Have had a very pleasant couple of days - firstly I met up with a friend I met at uni first time round, one of my best mates and for old times sake we had a few beers. Sadly at 4 1/2 pints of export strength lager we caved in and headed home legless. We just cant do it anymore. But I had such a good time. I thoroughly recommend Driffield for a few casual ones. Last night I stayed in Hull with friends and we had a quick couple at a wine bar which was pleasant followed today by driving round the Hull Valley looking at how we(people) have impacted upon the river system. And basically its fucked(pardon my french). There is very little original channel left, the river is completely channelised from just below Driffield, there are umpteen introduced species in there and it is massively polluted and degraded. Parts of it are raised above the floodplain so they have to pump water into it (at Hempholme). Having said that its all very pretty and my not so serious mind lapped up the esoteric value of the exercise. Oh and im going to see my wife later when she gets in from her field trip. Happy dawn of spring to everybody.

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