Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Feeling Ruff

I didnt feel Rough today, but i did feel the Ruff that gave me my latest self found year tick. Started the day with a pair of Buzzards spiralling over the road to Beverley. Quick jaunt into uni going through my tutorial showed that I have only got to expose you guys to another 3 mind numbing entries from Tophill about the Teal. Woo! Decided to call in at Swinemoor on my way back home. Proved profitable with the aforementioned Ruff and also hoped to see the Little Egrets that had been kicking about but unfortunatly the only white blobs were loafing Common Gulls. A couple of Shelduck and Teal were also present as was a good sized plover flock with plenty of Goldies coming into there very smart summer outfit. And it was sunny for the most part so all in all a good day tempered only by the fact that in half hours time im headed off to work for the night.


Michael Flowers said...

Thanks James, You've saved me a trip to recce the site before our visit next week. I was thinking of cancelling, but your report of some decent stuff at Swinemoor means it'll hopefully be worth visiting after all. I reckon I owe you a drink!

James said...

argh...no more alcohol.

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