Sunday 9 October 2016

Tipping Point

No photos Im afriad today as the birds have all been too quick for me. Today was an adventure. It had highs, lows and endurance but ultimately a touch of frustration. Much like Friday at Flamborough it was chocka with decent birds and I saw a good few friends this time. I arrived at Easington Cemetary for 7.45 and there were Redpolls, Siskins and Bramblings aplenty with the ever present Robins and Chiffchaffs. Briefly working through the canopy at the back was a Red-breasted Flycatcher which in all likelihood was one of the two which was there the previous day. Its co-conspirator was at Willow Cottage apparently as John Sadler came into view bearing the news. Peter Williams was also about having been watching Redstarts in the hedge across the road. They headed off for the OBP at Vicars Lane whilst I moved on to Church Field hoping for the Rustic Bunting which had alas done a flit by the time I got there.

John and Peter brought news that the OBP was showing nicely when they rejoined me. A Hobby zipped low right across the back of the field and birds thronged but alas not the target which we found out had taken a visit to the triangle and has yet to be seen since. A Yellow-browed Warbler was nice to see in the Crown and Anchor as a second bird called unseen. We moved round to the Obs garden but alas no new birds and headed into the triangle. Lots of Redwing and Blackbirds were obvious but a Blackcap at Rose Cottage was the highlight until Tim came over the radio to say he had a new OBP at Clubleys. We were at Canal hedge at this stage so we bombed round and got close and nice views but they were sadly brief as the bird flew to cover on the clifftop and called as it left.

News came out of a possible Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler as we were getting views of the OBP and we gravitated toward the breach. And then across it and before you know we are at chalk bank. A Short-eared Owl flew over wire dump. There followed blank couple of hours trying to find the bird and Peter had to leave. I even got halfway back to the breach before the reinforcements came in the shape of Steve Routledge and Garry Taylor. Fresh faces gave all optimism but we still couldnt refind the bird let alone identify it. A Tree Pipit was a decent sight at chalk bank and I missed a Redstart. Alas the effort was forlorn and the bird was never seen again.

The long haul back to Kilnsea took a good while but eventually we got back and saw another Yellow-brow on the rocks as we bumped into Pete Mella. I finally saw a Redstart as 2 fought in the same area as the YBW. A final attempt to see the Rustic Bunting was interrupted by a mass exodus as news of the Siberian Accentor broke and then I gave up and headed home.

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