Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Plumage Pacific Golden Plover

This morning I caught up with the super sexy summer plumage Pacific Golden Plover at Cley. It was supposed to be close to the beach car park in the Eye field but sadly it had commuted back to North Scrape by the time we arrived. Despite this we got nice views of the bird a bit distantly but feeding away in a mixed flock of waders. I got the following record shot/blur which doesnt show how cracking it really was. In fact the shot doesnt show much, lol.

its the big dark blob right of centre on the mud
Sadly the bird didnt come any closer but other bits and pieces were knocking about with 11 Spoonbills  including some young looking ones ;-) and a couple getting jiggy. There were plenty of Dunlin, Ringed Plover and some Continental Black-tailed Godwits all resplendent in summer plumage as were a couple of Spotted Redshanks gorgeous in black.

another quality capture
This week has been a bit on and off and has been typified by not a lot of birds aside from the residents. At sea the only things of note have been 20-30 Common Scoter which have been regularly seen plus a few Swifts (but no small ones). On a down day I wandered down to Swanton Novers but failed to connect with any Honey Buzzards. At the moment it is tazzing down so I am cowering in the cottage.

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