Saturday, 30 June 2012

Alpine Swift

Me and Izzy had a bash at the Bempton Alpine Swift late afternoon as it had hung around all day. Each message got me twitchier and twitchier. Eventually I cracked and we headed out into the sun and showers without coats. We wandered along the cliff top at Bempton and our friends, Will and Graham were headed the other way admitting defeat when this baby came screaming past.

Not a bad record shot really considering my toddler was in tow, it was raining and the bird was blasting about. Great to see and really close - head height on the edge of the cliff. We watched it for a few minutes before it disappeared west towards Buckton. A Yorkshire tick as well!

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Tim Allwood said...

Hello James, hope the young un is keeping you busy.

I have been unable to reach you on your Hull uni email. Can you drop me a line at please and I will then contact you by reply


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