Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ptychoptera contaminata

These beauties are part of a very decent hatch of Phantom Craneflies of the species Ptychoptera contaminata (I think) which has occured in the garden over the last couple of days. I suggest this species as it is one that I recorded last year.

If anybody has any better ideas over ID let me know. I also managed some other flies which were pretty cool including a Long-legged Fly of the family Dolichopodidae.

Dolichopodidae species

Last night I cracked 5k for the first time in my training for a 10k race in August. Seems to be going well although I run very slowly - the fact I run at all is pretty good as Im not particularly svelte! On my run I got a garden 2nd with 2 Oystercatchers overhead plus the Curlew, Grasshopper Warbler and plenty of thrushes. I also managed an owl treble with Little Owl, Tawny OwlBarn Owl all heard. I am running for Macmillan as my Dad has terminal lung cancer. If anyone would like to support me I would be grateful.

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James said...

after keying out the Ptychoptera sp. I reckon they are albimana due to the shape of the sex organs (at the end of the body). The key was on dipterists forum which is free to view.

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