Friday, 1 June 2012

Cheesy Euro-pop

A drive by at the Old Fall Steps gave me my second eastern European songster in two days. Unlike the operatic grandeur of a Marsh Warbler I had the pleasure of listening to a slice of disposible euro disco in the form of a male Icterine Warbler. This is the second that I have heard, squeaky toys and all but it is the first I have seen. I got the wing panel but sadly I only saw the head in flight. What a cool song though. This was Yorkshire tick 4 in 4 days (cant see 5 in 5!). No photos Im afraid and not a lot else to add other than it takes me to 292 for Yorkshire! Woo.


northernloon said...

Congratulations the Ikky takes you past my British list. Wish I'd been able to have stab at the Roller. Not that I'm bitter at all.


James said...

Cheers Ken. I had a feeling I was getting close as your increasingly anxious comments attested. I apologise whole heartedly - you will have to force Keith to head east more often! Did you get the stilt?


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