Monday, 4 June 2012

Stone the Crows

Im back in Norfolk tracking terns this week. 'On my way' I called in at a place and what should be there but my biggest tart. UK tick 333. Triple Nelson. Making headway. Stone Curlew. I have seen plenty before in Spain but in this country I havent been so lucky, dipping at Weeting Heath and at Flamborough (when a member of the BOURC flushed it after I lumped my girl a mile round the head to see it). It was pretty chilled out and went from being too distant for photos to close enough for a record shot. I watched for 15 minutes before I needed to hit the road noting a couple of Woodlarks singing and a Green Woodpecker anting. Oddly there were hundreds of Mistle Thrushes about as well.

It looks like I am going to sea tomorrow which is cool. Otherwise I have been largely chilling with a spot of ringing on saturday. We managed a couple of unstreaked acros which we grilled for Marsh Warbler but could only turn into Reed Warbler plus a retrap Treecreeper and a Garden Warbler. The full catch is on the tophill ringing site in the blog links.

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