Monday, 31 October 2011

Ibis at the Dams

Got a twitter tip off about the Glossy Ibis being back at Filey Dams. It seems that this bird has probably been on East Lee (?) for the last few days as it kept flying too and fro, disappearing for periods before arriving back on the dams although never close.

The local Sparrowhawks were obviously hungry as they showed amazingly well.

On the way home I was leaving Burton Fleming, in the wolds, when I noticed a biggish raptor was flying fast up the lane. It showed a white rump and was obviously a ringtail harrier. I caught up and ditched the car to see an adult female Hen Harrier hunting the fields on the Thwing road. Views from the car were point blank but by the time I had my kit together it had cleared off to the other side of the field so photos are grim but you get the idea.

It was big and pale with no boa and 5 primary tips so no stringing it for a Pallid... The Glossy Ibis was a new bird for Yorkshire for me taking me on to 287 (plus Collared Flycatcher still awaiting final judgement).

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